Solar photovoltaic

Solar photovoltaic (PV) technology converts the suns energy into electrical energy. It is renewable and a nonpolluting source of energy.

Here are a few solar PV systems we installed over the years :

7 Kw grid tied system installed in Mukwanago, WI in 2010

4.5 Kw hybrid system installed in Brookfield, WI in 2011.
This system can operate in grid tied, standby & battery based mode, powering the 1400 sq ft house for 3 days from battery power.

400 watt battery based system, that power lights for the Bafut convent at Camaron, Africa. Installed 2011

400 watt battery based system that power the pump for the Milwaukee Biodiesel Coop located at Future Green, Bayview WI. Installed 2008

This was my first solar PV system in Sneedsville TN, it powered my lights in my off grid cabin. Installed 1998.

The biggest Solar PV system project we got involved with was a 100KW grid tied Solar PV sytem we designed for Son & Sons Solar in St Mary GA. We desgned the mountings, electrical schematics, wireing diagrams, permitting, interconnecion agreement with GA utility.

Swee Sim trained on Solar PV at Mrea & FSEC & has a MSc in Computer Science & BSc in Computer Science & Electrical Engineering.

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